Departmental Administration consists of a Chair, four Associate Chairs, the Director of Undergraduate Programs, and a number of committees led by faculty who in turn are supported by the staff.

Chair and Associate Chairs
The current Chair is Mel Hochster. The Chair is the overall leader of the Department with ultimate responsibility for hiring faculty and staff and administering the educational and research programs of the Department. He shares some of these responsibilities with the Executive Committee, which he chairs.

The Associate Chair for Graduate Students, currently Alejandro Uribe, is responsible for the general oversight of the graduate program as well as general oversight of their welfare. Kartik Prasanna serves as Director of Graduate Admissions.

The Associate Chair for Education, currently Joseph Conlon, is responsible for the educational program of the Department. He assigns faculty to courses and chairs the Education Committee, which is the final arbiter of changes in courses and degree programs.

John Stembridge is the Associate Chair for Regular Faculty Appointments and is responsible for tenure-track/tenured faculty. He assists with hiring, promotions, awards, and appointments for this group of faculty.

Dick Canary is the Associate Chair for Term Faculty Appointments. He is responsible for the hiring/mentoring of postdoctoral faculty.

The Director of Undergraduate Programs, currently Stephen DeBacker, is in charge of both the freshman-sophomore program, which serves students planning to concentrate in many areas, and the junior-senior program which is largely for students concentrating in mathematics.

Doctoral Committee
The Doctoral Committee, currently chaired by Karen Smith oversees students in the Doctoral Program. She works with the doctoral committee to make decisions concerning the passing of the qualifying review and the preliminary exam and the acceptability of dissertations for mathematics students. She works with the Director of the AIM program, Silas Alben, to mentor and guide Ph.D. students through their program at Michigan.

Other Administration
The Director of the Mathematics Laboratory is Irina Arakelian. She is responsible for managing the tutors and tutoring hours for students taking mathematics courses.
Other administrative jobs in the Department are handled by standing faculty committees (pdf).

Support Staff
The support staff is under the general supervision of the Department Manager, Doreen Fussman. She assists the Chair in administrative matters, manages budgets and expenditures from Department resources, and is responsible for overall staffing.

Research grant proposals and grant management are the main assignments of Laura Hornbeck, our Finance Manager.

Tara McQueen is the Director of Student Services. She and her staff provide a wide range of services to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as support the academic programs of the department.

The remaining members of our support staff can be found on the Staff page.

Computer Staff
Eric Pinaud is the manager of LS&A-East Hall computing services. He and his staff, along with student workers, maintain the department computer labs, desktop computers, and research computing services.