Financial/Actuarial Mathematics

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Financial/Actuarial Mathematics Faculty
Erhan Bayraktar
Mattias Jonsson
Kristen Moore
Sergey Nadtochiy
Virginia Young

Financial/Actuarial PostDocs
Parsiad Azimzadeh
Ibrahim Ekren
Nicolas Hernandez
Sebastian Herrmann
Christian Keller
Alexandros Saplaouras
Yavor Stoev
Zhou Zhou

Financial/Actuarial Lecturers
Joseph Marker
Roger Natarajan


Seminars for current academic year


Byrne Workshop on Stochastic Analysis in Finance and Insurance, June 6 to June 10, 2016

 2011 Workshop on Stochastic Analysis in Finance and Insurance

Financial/Actuarial Students


Quantitative Finance & Risk Management Masters Degree Program

QUANTFIN Poster (pdf)


Financial/Actuarial Undergraduate Program


Financial Math Societies

Bachelier Finance Society
SIAM Activity Group in Financial Mathematics


Actuarial Information & Organizations


Exam Information


Job Searching


Actuarial Organizations

  ASNA (Actuarial Students' National Association)
  AAA (The American Academy of Actuaries)
  ASPA (The American Society of Pension Actuaries)
  CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society)
  CIA (Canadian Institute of Actuaries)
IAA (International Actuarial Association)
  SOA (Society of Actuaries)

Our Actuarial Program is designated as a Center of Excellence by the Society of Actuaries

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