Actuarial Internship Survey

1. What company did you work for?

2. Was it a Life, P&C, or Consulting company?

3. Where was it located (city, state)?

4. How many hours, on average, did you work per week?

5. What was your salary (per week)?

7. Briefly describe your duties (what tasks did you perform & or projects did you work on)? Did you work in a group or individually?

8. Describe a typical day of work in a few sentences.

9. Was there any sort of training program; & if so, how would you describe it? What did you learn? Was it useful?

10. How would you describe the atmosphere (open, friendly, etc.)? Describe the people?

11. What kind of interaction did you have with other interns? What about other full-time employees and upper-level management?

12. Was there any specifically organized intern program? If so, please describe it?

13. Did the company have any planned social activities (parties, sports teams, picnics, etc.)?

14. Did the company provide any meals?

15. What was the attire like (professional, business casual, etc.)?

16. Where did you live in comparison to where the company was located, and what kind of transportation did you use?

17. Did the company subsidize your living or any other expenses at all?

18. What did you enjoy the most about your experience?

19. What did you enjoy the least?

20. Would you say that your internship was a good overall experience?