Permanent faculty members in analysis and related areas

Jinho Baik    (Random matrices, integrable systems)
David E. Barrett    (Several complex variables)
Lydia Bieri    (Partial differential equations and general relativity)
Anthony Bloch    (Mechanical systems)
Daniel Burns    (Complex geometry, symplectic geometry)
Joe Conlon    (Mathematical physics, applied mathematics)
Peter Duren    (Classical complex analysis)
Volker Elling    (Partial differential equations)
John Erik Fornaess    (Several complex variables, complex dynamics)
Anna Gilbert    (Computational harmonic analysis, randomized algorithms)
Mattias Jonsson    (Complex dynamics, several complex variable, financial mathematics)
Peter Miller    (Nonlinear equations, applied mathematics)
Jeffrey B. Rauch    (Partial differential equations)
Mark Rudelson   (Geometric functional analysis, probability theory, convex geometry)
Joel A. Smoller    (Partial differential equations, shock waves)
Ralf Spatzier (Dynamics, ergodic theory, geometry)
Berit Stensones    (Several complex variables)
Alan Taylor (Complex analysis)
Alejandro Uribe    (Mathematical physics)
Roman Vershynin    (Geometric functional analysis, probability theory, convex geometry, information theory)
Divakar Viswanath (Nonlinear dynamics, scientific computation)
Sijue Wu    (Partial differential equations)



Analysis/Probability Learning Seminar
Differential Equations
Several Complex Variables
Student Analysis Seminar
Working Seminar in Semiclassical Analysis


The following advanced courses in analysis are regularly offered:

Math 525: Probability Theory
Math 555 Introduction to Complex Analysis
Math 596 Complex Analysis I
Math 597 Real Analysis I
Math 602 Real Analysis II
Math 604 Complex Analysis II
Math 605 Several Complex Variables
Math/Stats 625: Probability and Random Processes I
Math/Stats 626: Probability and Random Processes II
Math 650 Fourier Analysis
Math 656 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
Math 657 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Math 703 Topics in Complex Analysis I
Math 704 Topics in Complex Analysis II
Math 709 Topics in Real Analysis I
Math 710 Topics in Real Analysis II
Math 756 Advanced Topics in Partial Differential Equations