Number Theory


  • Wei Ho:   Number theory and representation theory
  • Jeff Lagarias:   Algebraic and analytic number theory, Diophantine approximation
  • Hugh Montgomery:   Analytic number theory, distribution of prime numbers, Fourier analysis, analytic inequalities, probability
  • Kartik Prasanna:   Arithmetic of automorphic forms and periods, special values of L-functions, Iwasawa theory
  • Michael Zieve:   Algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, especially Galois theory, Diophantine equations, and arithmetic dynamics

Faculty in related areas: Bhargav Bhatt, William Fulton, Mircea Mustaţă, and Karen Smith (algebraic geometry);  Stephen DeBacker and Tasho Kaletha (representation theory);  Harm Derksen and Gopal Prasad (algebraic groups); David Speyer (algebraic combinatorics)

Postdocs: Efrat Bank, Shuyang Cheng, Jessica Fintzen, Evangelia Gazaki, Lalit Jain, Dohyeong Kim, Jennifer Park, Brad Rodgers and Myungjun Yu.

Graduate students (advisor): Brandon Carter (Prasanna), Charlotte Chan (Prasanna), Corey Everlove (Lagarias), Trevor Hyde (Zieve), Adam Kaye (Prasanna), Gene Kopp (Lagarias), Bob Lutz (Lagarias) and Suchandan Pal (Prasanna).

Former faculty: Brian Conrad (2000-2008),  Chris Skinner (2000-2007),  Kannan Soundararajan (2000-2007),  Trevor Wooley (1991-2007),  David Masser (1983-1992),  James Milne (1969-1999),  Donald J. Lewis (1957-1996),  William J. LeVeque (1949-1971).

Electronic resources: Go here for links to e-journals and other electronic resources for number theorists. These links should work both from on-campus and off-campus.

Courses: The following full-year graduate courses are offered in alternating years:

  • analytic number theory (Math 675/775)   and
  • algebraic number theory and class field theory (Math 676/776)

We also offer a range of courses on advanced topics in number theory. Previous year's topics include: elliptic curves, complex multiplication, Diophantine problems, Diophantine approximation, arithmetic of dynamical systems, Iwasawa theory, Hida theory, transcendence theory, spectral theory of modular forms, Galois representations and modular forms, and automorphic forms on algebraic groups.

Group, Lie and Number Theory
Student Arithmetic

Recent conferences hosted
2015 RTG Workshop on Arithmetic Dynamics
2011 FRG/RTG Workshop on L-functions, Galois Representations and Iwasawa theory
2010 Midwest Number Theory Day
2010 Midwest Number Theory Conference for Graduate Students

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