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Date:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Location:  1360 East Hall (4:10 PM to 5:00 PM)

Title:  The Ihara/Oda-Matsumoto Conjecture (I/OM)

Abstract:   Ihara asked in the 1980's and Oda-Matsumoto conjectured in 1996 that there should be a purely topological-combinatorial description of Aut(K), where K is the algebraic closure of the field of rational numbers. I/OM grew out of Grothendieck's famous "Dessins d'enfants" and ideas by Deligne, Ihara, Drinfel'd... In the talk I will review/explain the question and present the state of the art, in particular recent refinements of I/OM, based on the so called Bogomolov (birational anabelian) Program.


Speaker:  Florian Pop
Institution:  University of Penn

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