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Date:  Monday, July 12, 2021
Location:  Zoom Virtual (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

Title:  Extension of Alon's and Friedman's conjectures to Schottky surfaces

Abstract:   A famous conjecture of Alon stated that for fixed d, random d-regular graphs on a large number of vertices have almost optimal spectral gap between the two largest eigenvalues of the adjacency operator. Friedman proved this conjecture in 2008. Friedman also broadened the conjecture to random large-degree covering spaces of a fixed finite base graph. This more general conjecture was recently proved by Bordenave and Collins. We have proved an analog of these conjectures for random infinite area hyperbolic surfaces without cusps. The spectral theory here is interesting; we obtain almost optimal spectral gap results for objects called resonances that generalize eigenvalues of the Laplacian but can be much more subtle.

I'll give some ideas of the proof in the talk.

(This is joint work with F. Naud)

Alexander Murray Wright is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Geometry Seminar
Time: Jul 12, 2021 09:30 AM America/Detroit

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Speaker:  Michael Magee
Institution:  Durham University

Event Organizer:   Alex Wright   


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