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Algebraic Geometry

Date:  Wednesday, November 03, 2021
Location:  4096 East Hall (4:00 PM to 5:30 PM)

Title:  Supports and singularities of the Hitchin fibration

Abstract:   The decomposition theorem for proper morphisms grants that the cohomology of the domain splits in elementary summands. However, in general, it is a subtle task to determine explicitly these summands. We prove that this is in fact possible in the case of Hitchin fibrations for Higgs bundles of arbitrary degree. Surprisingly we relate the summands of the decomposition theorem to the singularity theory of the moduli spaces of Higgs bundles in (fixed!) degree zero. We also provide a combinatorial version of the decomposition theorem via counts of lattice points in zonotopes. This is based on a work in progress with Luca Migliorini and Roberto Pagaria.


Speaker:  Mirko Mauri
Institution:  University of Michigan

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