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Algebraic Topology

Date:  Monday, November 15, 2021
Location:  3315 Mason Hall (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

Title:  RO(G) periodicity and Picard groups in K(n)-local categories

Abstract:   Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel proved a periodicity theorem for localizations of norms of the Real cobordism theory in their solution to the Kevaire invariant one problem. This gives all $RO(G)$ periodicity in the case $G=C_2$ but not in general. In this talk, I will discuss some known cases, including a new case of the $RO(C_4)$ periodicity at Chromatic height 4. As an application, these $RO(G)$ periodicity have led to new computation of Picard groups of $K(n)$-local modules of the form $E_n^{hG}$. This talk is based on joint work with Drew Heard, XiaoLin Danny Shi and joint work in progress with Agn├Ęs Beaudry, Zhipeng Duan and XiaoLin Danny Shi.


Speaker:  Guchuan Li
Institution:  University of Michigan

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