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Algebraic Geometry

Date:  Wednesday, February 09, 2022
Location:  4096 East Hall (4:00 PM to 5:20 PM)

Title:  Essential dimension via prismatic cohomology

Abstract:   Let A be a complex abelian variety. Using Bhatt and Scholze's prismatic cohomology, we show that for all but finitely many primes p, the multiplication-by-p cover p:A\to A is p-incompressible, as conjectured by Brosnan. As an application, we obtain new p-incompressibility results for congruence covers of Shimura varieties, extending previous work of Farb-Kisin-W, Brosnan-Fakhruddin, and Fakhruddin-Saini. This is joint work with Benson Farb and Mark Kisin.


Speaker:  Jesse Wolfson
Institution:  UC Irvine

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