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Integrable Systems and Random Matrix Theory

Date:  Monday, February 07, 2022
Location:  ZOOM ID: 926 6491 9790 Virtual (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

Title:  The constant problem of the tt*-Toda equations

Abstract:   The tt* (topological-anti topological fusion) equations arose in the work of Cecotti and Vafa on supersymmetric quantum field theory, and the tt*-Toda equations are a special case of these equations. Solutions of the tt*-Toda equations can be considered as certain isomonodromic deformations of meromorphic connections. They can be parametrized by two kinds of data. One comes from the asymptotic behavior of the solutions, and the other one comes from the monodromy including Stokes matrices. Two kinds of data correspond to each other via the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence. We will see that this correspondence is symplectic and give a generating function explicitly, and we will see an application to the constant problem.

A recording of the talk can be found here.


Speaker:  Ryosuke Odoi
Institution:  Waseda University

Event Organizer:   Ahmad Barhoumi


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