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RTG Seminar on Geometry, Dynamics and Topology

Date:  Wednesday, February 09, 2022
Location:  3866 East Hall (4:00 PM to 5:30 PM)

Title:  Counting and equidistribution for cusped Hitchin components

Abstract:   We first describe the geometric theory of Hitchin representations of geometrically finite Fuchsian groups, which generalizes the work of Labourie and Fock-Goncharov on Hitchin representations of closed surface groups. Geodesic flows of geometrically finite Fuchsian groups are modelled by countable Markov shifts and we develop counting and equidistribution results for well-behaved potentials in the spirit of Lalley's results for finite Markov shifts which apply in the setting of cusped Hitchin representations. This work is part of a program to develop a theory of the augmented Hitchin component which parallels the classical theory of augmented Teichmuller space. (Joint work with Harry Bray, Nyima Kao, Giuseppe Martone, Tengren Zhang and Andy Zimmer)


Speaker:  Richard Canary
Institution:  U Michigan

Event Organizer:   Spatzier   


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