University of Michigan
Undergraduate Mathematics
(or (UM)2C31 for short)

(UM)2C31 will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 1- 4pm in East Hall room B844.
Please stop by the Math Undergraduate Office to register by March 26th.
The flyer can be found here.

The University of Michigan organizes every year a mathematics competition for undergraduate students. Usually this competition takes place around the beginning of April. The test consists typically of 10 mathematical problems. The students should solve (with proofs!) as many questions as possible within three hours. The difficulty of the problems may vary from easy to extremely hard, but on average they are quite hard. The problems are contributed by department members. Cash prizes are awarded to the top students! Students who want to participate should sign up before the exam in the Undergraduate Office (2084 East Hall).



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