Undergraduate Math Club

The Undergraduate Math Club meets at 4:10-5pm on Thursdays in the second-floor undergraduate common room in the math department. Pizza and drinks are provided for free for all students who attend, and the audience is a mix of students at all levels from honors calculus up through senior math majors. At each meeting, a member of the faculty presents a 45-50 minute talk on an interesting mathematical problem, application, or idea (or all three!), and the selected topic is something which isn't usually seen in the standard curriculum. Some of these topics lead into important concepts in theoretical or applied research, while others explain a clever solution to an interesting problem. Everything is formulated so as to avoid needing technical background beyond calculus, some exposure to methods of proof, and a moderate capacity for abstract thought. 

The talk usually begin at approximately 4:10 pm, after several minutes of eating the pizza. Both during and after the talk, the audience may ask as many questions as desired. Sometimes the weekly talk is replaced by a panel presentation on some topic of general interest, such as advice on graduate school or an overview of summer opportunities (in research, jobs, and summer educational programs). Also, we occasionally will have undergraduates present some results of their own research, if it is of suitably general interest. The main goal is to experience the beauty of mathematical ideas, in whatever form they arise, and to have some free pizza at the same time.

For more information, please visit http://www.math.lsa.umich.edu/mathclub/


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