40th Anniversary Midwest Representation Theory Conference In honor of the 65th Birthday of Rebecca Herb and in memory of Paul Sally, Jr.

The University of Chicago, September 5–7, 2014

Subsequent conferences:

List of speakers for 2014 conference:


We are pleased to make available pdf files of notes and slides from the talks of Jeffrey Adams, James Arthur, Allen Moy, Fiona Murnaghan, Birgit Speh, Marko Tadic, David Vogan, and Joseph Wolf.


A partial list of participants may be found here.


The first talk began at 2:30 PM on Friday and the last talk ended around lunch time on Sunday; complete details are available here. On Friday night the traditional pizza party was held in the Barn in memory of Paul Sally, Jr. On Saturday night there was a banquet in honor of Becky Herb.


Thanks to the generosity of the National Science Foundation (Grant Number 1431425), MIT, and the University of Chicago, we covered the local expenses of young mathematicians.


One signed up for the Midwest Representation Theory Conference by visiting the registration page. Completion of the form required the secret password 1000009.


Download 2014's advertisement, or browse a gallery of flyers from years past.

Organized by Stephen DeBacker, David Goldberg, and Shmuel Weinberger. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, MIT, and the University of Chicago.


Material on this website is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1431425.