Careers in Mathematics

What kind of careers do Michigan Math Majors go on to?

When will I use Math?

Mathematics ranked among top jobs in 2013

Mathematics yet again ranked among the best in the country - January 4, 2011

Mathematics again ranked among the best in the country - January 6, 2010

Mathematics ranked best job in country! January 5, 2009

"Math is at the crux of who gets paid"- July 24, 2009

Internships and Job Opportunities

What can you do with a Math Degree?

  • Frances Allen, a 1957 U-M Math Masters degree recipient, has received the top honor in computing.  She is the first woman to receive the Turing Award, considered the Nobel Prize for computing, for her work with IBM. 

Check out these career profiles of recent math majors from around the country.

How is math used in industry?

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