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Nathan Priddis
Yongbin Ruan
Yefeng Shen
Mark Shoemaker<



Mirror Symmetry

February 18 – 19, 2012
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Room B844 East Hall

Kentaro Hori Lecture Series

In conjunction with RTG-lecture series by Kentaro Hori, we are organizing an RTG-conference on "Mirror symmetry" in the weekend of Feb 18-19. The goal of the conference is to have a low-tech introduction for students and postdocs on the mirror symmetry constructions in the literature. Topics includes LG-to-LG mirror symmetry, CY-to-CY mirror symmetry, Toric-to-LG mirror symmetry, SYZ-mirror symmetry, Lattice K3-to-Lattice K3 mirror symmetry as well as mirror symmetry of gauged linear sigma models.

Those interested in participating please email Emily Clader with "Mirror Symmetry Conference" in the subject line.

Partial funding is available.



  • Denis Auroux
  • Lev Borisov
  • Patrick Clarke
  • Igor Dolgachev
  • Kentari Hori
  • Yongbin Ruan

Organizing Committee

  • Emily Clader
  • Nathan Priddis
  • Yongbin Ruan
  • Yefeng Shen
  • Mark Shoemaker

National Science Foundation - RTG Grant
Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan


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