I've been accepted, now what?

Help! I'm flying in from another state/country!

All students flying into Michigan in need of transportation to and from the airport will be required to purchase Airport Transportation and submit flight information in their "Friend Account" including: airline name, arrival time, and flight number. The following information applies to all airport transportation:

  • A camp counselor will be stationed in Baggage Claim wearing an MMSS T-Shirt and ID badge
  • Rotating vans will be carpooling students to West Quad on flight arrival date(first Sunday of each session)
  • Counseling staff will monitor flight times for changes throughout the duration of the day
  • Students will be greeted at West Quad by counseling staff to help them move in to designated room

Where will I be staying?

Residential Students will stay on the Ann Arbor University of Michigan Campus in West Quad located at 541 Thompson Street (map). Students will check into the residence hall by 3:00pm on the Sunday prior to classes starting where a pizza dinner will be provided during a brief overview of rules and regulations, however, NO OTHER MEALS through the dining hall will be available on the Sunday prior to classes.

What should I pack?

Necessary Items:

    Bed sheets/blankets - long twin
    Alarm clock (or mobile phone with alarm function)
    Extra writing utensils
    Sufficient socks and underwear (washer and dryer quarter-machines available)
    Toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, toothbrush and tooth paste, etc.)

Optional items:

    Bathing suit
    Athletic wear
    (the University of Michigan is NOT RESPONSIBLE for stolen, broken or missing items)
    (the University of Michigan is NOT RESPONSIBLE for stolen, broken or missing items)

MMSS provided items:

    First aid and basic over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc. - counselor administered)
    Classroom supplies including any print materials, calculators, etc.
    Recreational sporting equipment (frisbee, soccer ball, basketballs, etc.)

Can I choose my roommate?

If two students are admitted to the program and would like to room together, the option to request a roommate is listed in the U of M Friend Account. Although the option is available, it is not a guarantee that students will be matched up, however, we do try our best to fulfill students requests.