Programs, Centers, Outreach

EMSW21-Enhancing Mathematical Sciences Workforce
The long-range goal of the EMSW21 program is to increase the number of well-prepared U.S. citizens, nationals, and permanent residents who pursue careers in the mathematical sciences and in other NSF-supported disciplines.

IBL-Center for Inquiry Based Learning
Promotes teaching and development of inquiry based learning in mathematics.

Math Teachers Circle
A program for K-12 mathematics teachers to work on mathematics.

Michigan Math Circle
Evening lecture series for high school and middle school students.

Michigan Math & Science Scholars
A summer program designed to expose high school students to current developments and research in the sciences and to encourage the next generation of researchers to develop and retain a love of mathematics and science.

Michigan Mathematical Journal
The Michigan Mathematical Journal endeavors to publish significant research articles in all areas of mathematics.

Young People's Project (YPP)
The Young People’s Project (YPP) develops students in grades 3 through 12 from traditionally marginalized populations through math literacy work, leadership training and youth-engaged advocacy in order to develop young people who are successful academically and well equipped to navigate life’s challenges.