Andreas R. Blass

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Office: 3830 East Hall

Mathematics Department
University of Michigan
(2074 East Hall
530 Church St.)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043

Office phone: (734) 763-1183
Dept. fax: (734) 763-0937



My research is primarily in mathematical logic, especially set theory, but it extends into other areas, including finite combinatorics, category theory, and theoretical computer science. Here are some of the subjects I've worked in recently.


I am associate chairman for regular faculty appointments.

My term as associate chairman for graduate studies ended in August, 1999. The present holder of that office is Professor Sergey Fomin, whose e-mail address for administrative matters is

Links to Papers

The following links will take you to pages on which my recent papers are listed with abstracts and links to PostScript and PDF files of the papers themselves. "Recent" is defined as "existing in electronic form"; the borderline between recent and archaic is roughly 1993, with several exceptions. Dave Childs has generously provided an electronic version of my 1984 paper "The interaction between category theory and set theory" and Peter Krautzberger has done the same for my 1978 paper "A model-theoretic view of some special ultrafilters" and my 1987 paper "Ultrafilters related to Hindman's finite-unions theorem and its extensions." Finally, a scanned copy of my 1970 Ph.D. thesis (rather outdated by now) is available here (and on the set theory page below).

Set Theory

Finite Combinatorics

Abelian Groups

Topos Theory and Constructive Logic

Theoretical Computer Science

Linear Logic and Game Semantics



Finally, although I don't do partial differential equations, my son Timothy does