Ph.D., Princeton University, 1967 (NSF Graduate Fellowship)
M.A., Princeton University, 1966
B.A., Harvard College, 1964 (National Merit and Westinghouse STS Scholarships)

Current position:

Jack E. McLaughlin Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan, 2004-

Career history:

Robert W. and Lynn H. Browne Professor in Science and Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1993-2003
R. L. Wilder Professor, University of Michigan, 1984-93
Professor, University of Michigan, 1977-84
Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, 1976-77
Professor, Purdue University, 1973-77
Guest Professor, Mathematics Institute, Aarhus, Denmark, 1973-4
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, 1970-73
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, 1967-70


American Mathematical Society Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra, 1980
Guggenheim Fellow (visiting MIT), 1982
American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 1992)
National Academy of Sciences (elected 1992)
Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award in the Sciences, 2001-2

Selected invited lectures and lecture series:

Norwegian Mathematical Society, 1973
Principal speaker, NSF-CBMS Conference (entitled Topics in the Homological Theory of Modules over Commutative Rings ), University of Nebraska (ten one hour lectures), 1974
American Mathematical Society, Annual Meeting, San Antonio, 1976
Conference on Algebraic Groups, Les-Plans-sur-Bex, Switzerland (five one hour lectures), 1977
International Congress of Mathematicians, Helsinki, 1978
Principal speaker, NSF-CBMS Conference (entitled Analytic Methods in Commutative Algebra), George Mason University (ten one hour lectures), 1979
Rademacher lectures, University of Pennsylvania (four one hour lectures), 1980
Swedish Mathematical Society, 1981
International Conference on Commutative Algebra, Durham (four one hour lectures), 1981
Nordic Summer School, Stockholm (five one hour lectures), 1983
Distinguished Lectureship, Indiana University (three one hour lectures), 1984
Program in Commutative Algebra, MSRI, Berkeley (two one hour lectures), 1987
Lecture series at the University of Stockholm (six ninety minute lectures, joint with C. Huneke), 1988
Summer Research Conference on Commutative Algebra at Mt. Holyoke College (three one hour lectures), 1992
CBMS Conference on Tight Closure, Fargo, North Dakota (two one hour lectures), 1995.
American Mathematical Society, Annual Meeting, Baltimore, 1998
Howard Rowlee Lecture and Centennial Conference in Commutative Algebra lecture, University of Nebraska, 2000
MSRI Introductory Program in Commutative Algebra (three one hour lectures on tight closure), 2002
University of Utah Mini-course on Classical Problems in Commutative Algebra (five one hour lectures), 2004
Conference on tight closure theory at the University of Arkansas (five one hour lectures joint with Craig Huneke), 2005
Workshop on Integral Closure, Multiplier Ideals and Cores at AIM, 2006 (two lectures)
Conference at MSRI (in honor of David Eisenbud), 2007
Conference at the University of Illinois, Chcago (in honor of Robin Hartshorne}, 2008
Conference at the University of Nebraska (in honor of Luchezar Avramov), 2008
Conference at Mathematisches Forschingsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2009
Conference in Olinda, Brazil (in honor of Wolmer Vasconcelos), 2009
Conference on Relating Test Ideals and Multiplier Ideals, American Institute of Mathematics, 2011
MSRI Workshop on Homological Methods in Commutative Algebra, MSRI, Berkeley, 2013
CNRS Conference on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, Luminy, France, 2013
Ellis R.~Kolchin Memorial Lecture, Columbia University, 2014
KUMUNU Conference on Commutative Algebra, 2014
Conference on Frobenius and Cartier Operators, Georgia State University, 2015
Midwest Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Conference at Notre Dame honoring Juan Migliore, 2016
Conference on Homological and Computational Methods in Commutative Algebra honoring Winfried Bruns, Cortona, Italy, 2016
Workshop on the local homological conjectures at the University of Illinois, Chicago (three hour lecture), 2016.
Conference and workshop honoring David Bayer and Michael Stillman at the University of California, Berkeley, 2017
Conference in honor of Gennady Lyubeznik at the University of Minnesota, 2017.
Hot Topics workshop at MSRI, March 2018.
Conference in honor of Bernd Ulrich at Notre Dame, 2019.
Memorial conference in honor of Ragnar Buchweitz at the University of Toronto, 2019.
Virtual Commutative Algebra Seminar, IIT Bombay (two lectures), 2020.

Selected other activities:

Chair, Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2008-2017
Scientific Advisory Council, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, 1989-93 (chair, 1993)
Chair, Committee to Select the Winner of the 1990 AMS Cole Prize in Algebra
Board of Governors, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota, 1985-87
Chair, Mathematical Reviews Editorial Committee, 1984-89
Editorial Board, Advances in Mathematics, 1988-2005
Editorial Board, Journal of Algebra, 1985-1996
Editorial Board, Michigan Mathematical Journal, 1977-1998
Editorial Board (Research Announcements), Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 1981-83
Council of the AMS, 1982-86
Executive Committee of the Council, 1983-86
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, 1984-5
Program Committee of the AMS for National Meetings, 1982-84 (chair, 1983 and 1984)
Committee to Select the Winner of the 1985 AMS Cole Prize in Algebra
Questions Committee, William Lowell Putnam Examination, 1982-84
Senior Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows, 1983-88 (Executive Committee, 1986-88)
Algebra Program Committee for the 1982 International Congress of Mathematicians (held in 1983)