FRG/RTG Workshop on L-functions, Galois Representations and Iwasawa theory

May 17-22, 2011.
Department of Mathematics,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Kartik Prasanna (Local organizer),

with Don Blasius, Haruzo Hida, Chandrashekhar Khare, Chris Skinner and Eric Urban.

Contact :


This workshop will focus on the arithmetic of L-functions and related topics such as Automorphic Forms, Galois representations, Shimura varieties and Iwasawa theory. A large part of the workshop will be instructional and directed to graduate students and postdocs.


A list of Registered Participants .
The workshop Poster .
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The schedule.
Transportation to the workshop venue from the Lamp Post Inn.
How to get Travel Reimbursement (for graduate students and postdocs being supported).
Notetaking Assignments.


(Please click on the title for more information including an abstract and suggested reading.)

Instructional minicourses:

Don Blasius                   "Critical values of L-functions"
Neven Grbac                 "Eisenstein series, cohomology of arithmetic groups and some applications"
Ben Howard                  "Arithmetic intersection theory and unitary Shimura varieties"
Freydoon Shahidi         "An Overview of the Theory of Eisenstein Series"
Sug Woo Shin               "Introduction to Shimura varieties"
Jared Weinstein           "Nonabelian local class field theory and the geometry of Lubin-Tate spaces"       Lecture Notes

Research talks:

David Geraghty             "Minimal modularity lifting theorems over imaginary quadratic fields"
Haruzo Hida                 "On growth of Hecke fields in a p-adic family and its application"
Chris Skinner                 Ranks of Selmer groups of elli[tic curves I
Eric Urban                       Ranks of Selmer groups of elliptic curves II


The local airport is Detroit, airport code DTW. There are taxis and shared ride vans available to Ann Arbor, which is about 25 miles from the airport. The workshop will begin on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 am and will end on Sunday, May 22 at 12:30 pm. Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, May 16, and leave on Sunday, May 22, in the afternoon or evening.


For graduate students and postdocs who are supported by the conference, we will book you a shared room in the Lamp Post Inn . Please go directly to the Lamp Post Inn on Monday, the 16th. If you arrive after 11pm, they will leave a key with your name on it in a drop-box oustide the hotel.


Airport transportation:   Here are some links to shared van rides Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle   Custom Transit   Selectride   Michigan Flyer .   Please note that there are discounts for people travelling in groups. So participants arriving around the same time can save substantially by coordinating their ground transportation. Also taxis are available from DTW to Ann Arbor for a fixed rate of around $ 50 - $ 60.

Local Transportation around Ann Arbor: from the University of Michigan Campus Information Center

Maps: Central Campus (Math dept is in East Hall, however the lectures will take place in the Chemistry building room 1200.)

Restaurants: Ann Arbor restaurants from   Ann Arbor restaurants from


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of:

The National Science Foundation (FRG grant DMS-0854900 and RTG grant DMS-0502170)
The Number Theory Foundation
The Michigan Mathematical Journal
The University of Michigan, through grants from LSA (College of Literature, Science and the Arts), OVPR (Office of the Vice President for Research) and the Rackham Graduate School.

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