Resolution of Singularities

Professor Karen E. Smith
MaD 371

Jyvaskyla Summer School
Daily week of August 15-19, 14-16 in MaD 202

Description of Course.

Prerequisites and Background: The student will be assumed to be sophistacated (PhD level) and familiar with point-set topology and the basics of manifolds.

Prior knowledge of algebraic geometry is not assumed. I will quickly explain the needed definitions and concepts, and the exercises will help reinforce.

For students with no experience in algebra or algebraic geometry, some additional reading might be helpful. One leisurely source of the basics of algebraic geometry Johdattelua Algebralliseen Geometriaan, which are the notes (Suomeksi!) from an earlier 10 hours course at the "University of Jyvaskyla Winter School" long ago. This had been published by Otatieoto but is no longer in print. Toiselta: tasta linkista voi viela tilata Suomen version. These notes eventually became a book (in english) called Invitation to Algebraic Geometry published by Springer.

Another good source, which is more comprehensive, is Shafarevich's textbook Basic Algebraic Geometry 1

Course Materials:

Slides from the Intro Lecture
Lecture Notes, updated daily.
Exercises, updated daily.
Students wishing to receive credit must try the exercises, and are expected to complete at least one per day (5 total).

Course Assistant: Timo Schultz.
Timo will hold exercise sessions on Wednesday and Thursday 12:45, Room MaD 380.