• An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry, by Karen E. Smith, Lauri Kahapaa, Pekka Kekalainen and Will Traves

    Here is the publisher's page for the book. By the way, when I first published with Springer, I negotiated with them to keep the price down do $32.95, following the excellent advice of Bill Fulton. But they managed to trick me with the second printing, and seem to have jacked the price up. So, you might want to order instead from Amazon, which also has some reviews of the book. There is also a nice Review in the American Mathematical Monthly, by Mark Green (scroll down to the review by Green; the paragraph at the top is from a different review).

  • Rational and Nearly Rational Varieties by Janos Kollar, Karen E. Smith and Alessio Corti.
    publisher: Cambridge University Press

  • Johdatusta algebralliseen geometriaan by Lauri Kahanpaa, Karen E. Smith and Pekka Kekalainen.
    publisher: Otatieto, Helskinki. This is a Finnish version of "An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry".

  • There is also a Persian translation by Professor Rahim Zaare-Nahandi