Math 201: Introduction to Mathematical Writing (Laboratory)

Fall 2021, Section 1


MoTu 5:00 p.m- 7:00 pm.


B860 East Hall


Jeffrey Lagarias, 3086 East Hall, 763-1186,

Office hours:

Tu, 2-3pm, Fr, 1-3pm (online)

Course homepage: The Course homepage is on Canvas.
This webpage is:

Text (mandatory):
Demonstration. Proof Beyond the Possibility of Doubt
U(M) Mathematics, 70 pages, text, worksheets, resources (August 28, 2021 version)

The pdf file of the text may be downloaded from the UM Math Department web page by searching on the phrase:
``demonstration mathematics proof beyond the possibility of doubt"

Prerequisites in math background:
high school algebra, high school geometry, college level calculus (at the level of Math 115).

This is a laboratory course in writing mathematics, and in writing down proofs.
The laboratory focuses on learning the fundamentals of mathematical writing, rather than on the mathematics itself.
It uses worksheets, which are given in the course text.
All work is done during the class time.
This course was designed in major part by Prof. Stephen DeBacker, developed since 2009.

Grades: For LSA students the course is graded C-NC. For COE students the course is graded Pass-Fail.
To gain credit, 90 percent of the worksheets must be completed in class,
and two gateway exams must be passed, on the two major modules. Precise information is given on the syllabus.