Peter Scott

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UPDATE: I retired on 1 June 2018. I plan to continue working on mathematics, but will not be teaching.

Genealogy: The Mathematics Genealogy Project has made me a poster showing all my mathematical ancestors and descendants. If you are interested, you can click here for a pdf file of the poster.

General Areas of Research Interest: The Geometry and Topology of 3-Manifolds and Surfaces, and Geometric Group Theory.

I have done joint work with Joel Hass on flows of curves on a surface with the dynamics related to the curvature of the curve. Click here for material on curve flows. You can draw a curve and see it flow right over your web browser, using a program written by Joel Hass and Rick Vaughn.

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Complete Publication List of Peter Scott

Note: Mathematical Reviews lists my papers under four different names,

Peter Scott, P. Scott, G.P. Scott and G. Peter Scott. The above link searches for papers under all four names to give a complete list.

My survey paper "The geometries of 3-manifolds" (Bull. London Math. Soc. 15 (1983), 401-487)

The text of this paper was not available electronically, as the original manuscript was typed without using a computer. However the publisher, the London Mathematical Society, has now scanned issues of their journals further back than 1983, so this paper is now available from their web site.

I am grateful to the London Mathematical Society for giving me permission to continue to make a scanned version of this paper available at this site. You can download a pdf file of the paper by clicking on the link below. At the same time, you should download the latest version of errata for this paper (last updated 20 September 2018), by clicking the adjacent link

"The geometries of 3-manifolds" (7.6MB) Errata for "The geometries of 3-manifolds" Pdf file (50KB).

Recent preprints plus errata pages

To find out about my recent preprints plus errata pages for published papers, and download them if wanted, click here.