Math 156 - Applied Honors Calculus II - Fall 2011

first day hand out
lecture notes
Office hours: Monday 4:30-6:00 pm, Wednesday 2:30-4:00pm, 4856 East Hall
Textbook: "Calculus", by James Stewart, published by Brooks/Cole, 5th edition, ISBN 0-495-46194-6. The bookstores have a custom Michigan version suitable for this course, but a used 5th edition is OK. The CD-ROM is not required.
hw1 due: Tues Sep 13
hw2 due: Tues Sep 20
hw3 due: Tues Sep 27
hw4 due: Tues Oct 04
hw5 due: Tues Oct 11
hw6 due: Tues Oct 25
hw7 due: Tues Nov 01
hw8 due: Tues Nov 09
hw9 due: Tues Nov 15
hw10 due: Tues Nov 30
hw11 due: Wed Dec 7
Computer Lab : worksheet , Fri Sept 23, meet in B737 East Hall

1st midterm exam, Wed Oct 12, 6:15-7:45pm, Natural Science Auditorium, review sheet, solutions
2nd midterm exam, Wed Nov 16, 6:15-7:45pm, Natural Science Auditorium, review sheet solutions
final exam, Thurs Dec 15, 8-10am review sheet, solutions

Course Grade
homework = 30%
1st midterm exam = 20%
2nd midterm exam = 20%
final exam = 30%

Study Groups
The Science Learning Center offers study groups for Math 156 students. The groups meet weekly to review course material, solve problems, and gain a better understanding of course concepts. A group has 8-12 members and is facilitated by a Group Leader trained by the SLC. Group membership is voluntary, but requires active participation and regular attendance. You can learn more details at the SLC website.