Math 425 Fall 2020 Section 010
Introduction to Probability

Instructor: Thomas Lam

Course structure: This class will be held completely online. Be aware that much of the class plan is experimental, and may change.

Text (required): Sheldon Ross, A First Course in Probability, 10th edition, Pearson, 2019.

Prerequisites: Math 215 or 285 (multi-variable calculus).

Course synopsis: This course is an introduction to the theory of probability and to a number of applications. We will discuss both discrete and continuous probability. Some concepts that will be introduced include: conditional probability, independent events, random variables, expectation, variance, correlation.

Acadmic Integrity: Students are expected to have read and understood the LSA Community Standards of Academic Integrity. By taking this course, students are agreeing to abide by the wording and spirit of these standards.


Exams: There will be three 80 minute exams held on Zoom during class times. More information on exam procedures will be made available closer to the exam date. The dates of the exams are
Exam 1: Tuesday September 29
Exam 2: Thursday October 29
Exam 3: Thursday December 3

If you are unable to attend the exams via Zoom for any reason, please contact me immediately.

Webwork: Web homework will be located here.

Written homework:

Disabilities: If you think you need an accomodation for a disability, please let me know as soon as possible. In particular, a Verified Individualized Services and Accomodations (VISA) form must be provided to me at least two weeks prior to the need for a test/quiz accomodation. The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Office (G664 Haven Hall, webpage here) issues VISA forms.

Weekly Syllabus (subject to change):