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a few math talks available online

Integral points on elliptic curves
Jan 2021 (for graduate students) in the VaNTAGe seminar
May 2019 (for algebraic geometers) at MSRI
Nov 2018 (colloquium-level) at Duke

Minicourse on "Conjectures, heuristics, and theorems in arithmetic statistics" at PIMS, June 2019
Lecture 1
Lecture 2

other media

Interview in Quanta's Q & A series

The Top Unsolved Questions in Mathematics Remain Mostly Mysterious from Scientific American

The unexpectedly viral video Chalk of Champions from the Great Big Story
Sadly, no one has offered me anything for chalk endorsements, as I'm not nearly as entertaining as Max! Follow-up stories:
How a brand of chalk achieved cult status among mathematicians from CNN
Mathematicians No Longer Have to Hoard This Japanese Chalk from New York magazine
Did mathematicians really need to stockpile famed Japanese chalk? from Times Higher Education

Interview in the AMS Notices

Chemistry Olympians: Where are they now? from C&EN

In Princeton, Taking On Harvard's Fuss About Women from NYT

Got milk? (as part of this scholarship) They even filmed a commercial where I had to drink some foamy liquid to fake a milk mustache. I didn't tell them that I hate milk.

I peaked early. It's all been happily downhill since.