Women in Numbers 5


The workshop will not be taking place at BIRS in November due to COVID-19, but project groups will instead be virtual. There will be other sporadic virtual events; accepted participants will receive emails with details.

Date and location

In-person workshop cancelled. The workshop will be at the Banff International Research Station in Banff, Canada, from November 16-20, 2020. See also the BIRS website for this workshop.



To contact the organizers, please send an email to womeninnumbers5@gmail.com.

Objectives and Support

The workshop will have the dual objectives of carrying out simultaneous research projects during the conference that result in on-going collaborations and mentoring junior women in mathematics. The conference will bring together established researchers, young faculty, and advanced graduate students.

The conference will highlight and advance the scientific goals and research agendas of women who are active and successful researchers in number theory. At the same time this framework will be used to help create a strong collaboration network for young female researchers coming into the field, connect them with important research directions and expand their network of collaborators and research mentors.

Rather than focusing on disseminating the results of established researchers, the workshop will focus on research projects that will be started during the week of the workshop and have the potential to result in on-going collaboration between the participants.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests, and each group will have one or two leaders who will suggest research projects and provide background reading for their groups. At the conference, there will be background lectures for each project, and a good portion of the time will be allotted for the working groups to meet and work on their project. At the end of the week, some members of each research group will describe their group's progress as well as future directions for their work.

BIRS provides room and board free of charge for the duration of the workshop. There may be some limited funding for travel.

Organized in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute

Clay Mathematics Institute

This workshop is supported by

Banff International Research Station Elsevier National Science Foundation Number Theory Foundation

Project Groups


Sarah Arpin
Anne-Marie Aubert
Angelica Babei
Cristina Ballantine
Elisa Bellah
Lea Beneish
Margaret Bilu
Alina Bucur
Hannah Burson
Annie Carter
Mingjie Chen
Melissa Emory
Alexandra Florea
Amanda Folsom
Maria Fox
Elena Fuchs
Wei Ho
Chi-Yun Hsu
Julee Kim
Seoyoung Kim
Matilde Lalin
Kristin Lauter
Michelle Manes
Alison Miller
Lucia Mocz
Isabella Negrini
Manami Roy
Renate Scheidler
Damaris Schindler
Allechar Serrano
Jyothsnaa Sivaraman
Padma Srinivasan
Kate Stange
Holly Swisher
Bella Tobin
Ha Tran
Fang-Ting Tu
Ila Varma
Isabel Vogt
Boya Wen
Kirsten Wickelgren
Yujie Xu
Lynnelle Ye