William Fulton

Here are photos my son took of me and a friend.

Well, this and this are more accurate... .


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ALGEBRAIC CURVES, An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

This is a slightly modified version of the 1969 text, which has been out of print for many years.  It is based on a LaTeX version by Kwankyu Lee.

Since I hold the copyrights, I am glad to make it available online, without charge, to anyone interested.



This is a rough draft of parts of a book, and simultaneously notes for a course.
Old parts will be revised as new parts are added, so it doesn't make sense to download
anything now for vague future use. Please see the Preface for more about the book.
Comments are welcome (by e-mail).
For more of the book-to-be (?!), and a newer version of these, see

Andrew Kresch's homepage

Title. Title.10.19.04.pdf

Preface. Preface.10.19.04.pdf

Contents. Contents.10.19.04.pdf

Chapter 1. Introduction. ChapIntro.10.19.04.pdf

Bibliography. Bibliography.10.19.04.pdf