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These materials originated as part of an NSF/ILI grant (Incorporating Computer Algebra Systems and Writing-to-Learn in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, #DUE-9551794) awarded to the Math/CS dept at Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1995, and have been added to and revised since then. We are aware of at least one project that has used some of the materials developed here, porting some of the labs to Maple.

Last revision/expansion: Winter 1999-2000.

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Differential Equations Labs

The labs have now been assembled into a lab book containing all 14 labs and a Mathematica Review/Tutorial Appendix. The labs assume the student is running Mathematica 3.0 (or better), and in some cases use a local palette LocalMath and package diffeq.m. For details of the palette and package, see Appendix B in the lab book.

Differential Equations Projects

Similar projects to the following are available for Calculus at Gavin's Calculus Projects Page.(The author retains copyright to these projects but authorizes their use in a classroom setting by nonprofits or academics.)


Spring 2000

Project 1: A Draining...
Project 2: More Manufacturing...
Project 3: Some Biochemistry...

Spring 1998

Project 1: Decomposing...
Project 2: Buckles, Beams...
Project 3: Population control...

Spring 1997

Project 1: Skanebra Agriculture...
Project 2: Prevailing Weather...
Project 3: Applied Chemistry...

Spring 1996

Project 1: A question of law...
Project 2: Farming the west...
Project 3: Defending freedom...

Instructor's notes on project solutions for 1996: -- PostScript file

Other Differential Equations Resources

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