Learning seminar Spring 2020
Positive geometries and amplitudes

Meeting time: Monday 3:30pm-5pm

Meeting location: MIT Room 2-361

Organizer: Thomas Lam (tfylam[at]mit.edu)

The aim of this seminar is to study the developing theory of positive geometries and understand relations to the physics of scattering amplitudes. A semester program on closely related themes was held at Harvard CMSA in Fall 2019, and we hope to explore the subject from a mathematical perspective.

For some references, see the Seminar Blurb.

February 3: Thomas Lam, Introduction and organization (Notes)
February 1: Yibo Gao, Canonical forms of polytopes (Notes)
February 17: NO SEMINAR (MIT Holiday)
February 24: Christian Gaetz, Canonical forms of polytopes from adjoints (Notes)
March 2: Charles Wang, Scattering amplitudes in phi^3-theory, (Notes)
March 9: Gleb Nenashev
March 16: NO SEMINAR (Classes cancelled)
March 23: NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
March 30: ????????
April 6:
April 13:
April 20: NO SEMINAR (Patriot's Day)
April 27:
May 4:
May 11: