Note: The materials are in reverse chronological order.

Problems, December 9    *    Summary of session, December 9
Problems, December 2    *    Summary of session, December 2
Problems, November 25    *    Summary of session, November 25
Tensor products and exterior algebra, and Problems, November 18
Summary of session, November 18
Bilinear and quadratic forms, etc., and Problems, November 4
Summary of session, November 4
Finite fields, and Problems, October 28
Summary of session, October 28
Similarity of matrices: rational and Jordan forms, and Problems, October 21
Summary of session, October 21
Modules and PIDs, and Problems, October 7
Summary of session, October 7
Galois Theory Summary and Problems, September 30    *    Summary of session, September 30
Problems, September 23    *    Summary of session, September 23
Problems, September 16    *    Summary of session, September 16

An introduction to basic algebra,   which at this point contains only some fundamental mathematics that is prerequisite and the elements of group theory. These notes are dedicated to the memory of Professor Jack McLaughlin, and contain an appendix with quotations from his former students. This is a very preliminary version that will be expanded to cover more material. It is intended only for informal use by students at the University of Michigan, and not for reference.