Journal Articles

  • Testing for dense subsets in a graph via the partition function (2020)
  • (with A. Barvinok)

    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 2020

    Preprints & Conference Papers

  • Using GANs to Generate Private Synthetic Data (2023)
  • Technical Report

  • Traversal Sequences of Breadth-First and Depth-First Search (2022)
  • Preprint

  • A Partition Function on the Boolean Cube (2020)
  • Preprint

  • Community Detection Through Polynomials (2017)
  • (with N. Charalambides)

    Presented at the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) Research Forum

  • Bergman Kernel Zeroes for a Range of Weights (2014)
  • Presented at the 34th Annual WKU Math Symposium

    Conference Slides

  • Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Fraud Detection in Credit Card Transactions (2021)
  • (with R. Mokhlissi, and M. Salinger)

    Presented at Erdős Institute Data Science Bootcamp

  • Counting Cliques with Polynomials (2020)
  • Presented at 2nd Annual Mathematics Continued Conference, University of Connecticut

  • Approximating Partition Functions (2019)
  • Presented at Student Analysis Seminar, University of Michigan

  • Kernel Spaces in Machine Learning and Regret Analysis of Multi-Armed Bandits (2016)
  • Presented at Student AIM seminar, University of Michigan


  • Approximate Aggergation of Ranking Data (2021)
  • (with Z. Zhang)

  • Higher Algebra and Semi-Definite Programming (2020)
  • Functional Data, Differential Privacy, and Machine Learning (2018)
  • Notes on Self-Concordant Barrier Functions in Machine Learning (2017)
  • Weak Convergence in Probability (2016)
  • (with O. Khalil, R. Luo, and X. Huang)