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Mar 9, 2024:

"Painlevé-III monodromy maps under the \(D_6\to D_8\) confluence and applications to the large-parameter asymptotics of rational solutions" has been published in SIGMA.

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"Differential equations for approximate solutions of Painlevé equations: Application to the algebraic solutions of the Painlevé-III (\(D_7\)) equation" has been published in SIGMA.

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"On strong zero-dispersion asymptotics of Benjamin-Ono soliton ensembles" has been posted to the preprint arXiv and submitted to Contemporary Mathematics.

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"On the Maxwell-Bloch system in the sharp-line limit without solitons" has been published in Comm. Pure Appl. Math.

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"Extreme superposition: high-order fundamental rogue waves in the far-field regime" has been accepted for publication in Memoirs AMS.

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