Slides for some talks

  1. Total positivity in combinatorics and representation theory, Brisbane, 2010
  2. The shape of a random affine Weyl group element, Boston 2011
  3. Laurent phenomenon algebras, Nagoya 2012
  4. Electrical networks and Lie theory, Boulder 2013
  5. Infinite reduced words, Guanajuato 2013
  6. Electroids and positroids, Minneapolis 2014
  7. Truncated Stanley symmetric functions and amplituhedron cells, Boston, 2014
  8. Totaly positivity, crystals, and Whittaker functions, CDM Lecture 1, 2014
  9. Totally nonnegative Grassmannian and the amplituhedron, CDM Lecture 2, 2014
  10. Combinatorics of electrical networks, Brunswick 2016
  11. Mirror symmetry for flag varieties via Langlands reciprocity
  12. On the topology of totally positive spaces, Ann Arbor 2018
  13. Total positivity and networks, Curia 2019
  14. Total positivity and statistical mechanics, Curia 2019
  15. Total positivity and combinatorial topology, Curia 2019
  16. Dimers and Webs, Zoom 2020
  17. Positroids and q,t-Catalan numbers, Zoom 2020

    Lecture notes and exercises

    Exercises for tutorial on total positivity and the amplituhedron at Combinatorial Coworkspace (with Amanda Schwartz).
    Lecture notes for Combinatorial Algebraic Geoemtry from Physics workshop at MPI Leipzig.
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