Anthony Bloch

Office: Room 3066 East Hall.

Office Phone: (734) 6474980

Title: Alexander Ziwet Collegiate Professor of Mathematics

My main research interests include : Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics, symplectic geometry, total positivity, stability, nonholonomic systems (the motion of mechanical systems with nonintegrable constraints), the relationship between continuous and discrete flows, nonlinear control and optimal control. I study various other other topics in geometric mechanics and nonlinear dynamics including quantum dynamics and control. I am on the editorial board of a number of leading journals and am co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Nonlinear Science as well as several Springer Applied Math Book series. I was Editor-in-Chief of the SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. I am a Life Fellow of the IEEE, a SIAM and AMS Fellow, and have been a Guggenheim Fellow and a Senior Fellow of the Michigan Society of Fellows and a Simons Fellow. More details can be found in my vita below including recent named lectures and lecture series. I am an affiliate faculty member of the Center for Computational Medicine And Bioinformatics at Michigan and recently been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at ICMAT, Spain. I served as Graduate Chair (2002-2005) and Chair (2005-2008, 2017-2023) of the Dept. of Mathematics.

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My book, Nonholonomic Mechanics and Control, is now available from Springer Verlag.
See Springer Verlag

Second edition is is now available at
Nonholonomic Mechanics and Control, Second Edition

My book, The Principal of Least Action, History and Physics, with Alberto Rojo, is available from Cambridge University Press.
See The Principal of Least Action, Cambridge University Press

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Selected recent files for download here (many more listed in vita and most recent major publications are on the arxiv):

Hamiltonian and gradient structures in the Toda flows
in The Journal of Geometry and Physics, 27 (1998), 230-248 (with M. Gekhtman).

Stablization of nonholonomic systems using isospectral flows
in the SIAM Journal of Control 38 (2000), 855-874 (with S. Drakunov and M. Kinyon).

Dynamics of the n-dimensional Suslov problem
in J. of Geometry of Physics 34 (2000), 121-136 (with D. Zenkov)

Asymptotic Hamiltonian dynamics: the Toda lattice, the three wave interaction, and the nonholonomic Chaplygin sleigh
in Physica D 141 (2000). 297-315

The Lyapunov-Malkin theorem and stabilization of the unicycle with rider
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A Geometric Approach to the Optimal Control of Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems
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A new method for designing stable periodic gaits
(with H. Razavi, C. Chevallereau and J. W. Grizzle) in J. Autonomous Robots doi:10.1007/s10514-016-9593-x, (2016) 1-24 (2016)

Hamel's formalism for Infinite-dimensinal mechanical systems
(with D. Shi, Y. Berchenko-Kogan and D. Zenkov in J. Nonlinear Science 27, (2017) 241-283

The geometric nature of the Flaschka Transformation
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Projector-based Control of Orbit Dynamics in Quantum Lindblad Systems
(with P. Rooney and C. Rangan in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL, VOL. 63, NO. 3, 2018

An extension to the theory of controlled Lagrangians using the Helmholtz conditions
(with with M. Farre) in The Journal of Nonlinear Science {\bf 29} (2019), 345-376.

Continuous Direct Sparse Visual Odemetry fomr RGB-D Images
(with M. Ghaffari, W. Clark, R. Eustice and J. Grizzle) in Proceedings of 2019 Robotics, Science and Systems

A Poincare-Bendixon Theorem for Hybrid Systems
(with with W. Clark and L. Colombo) in Mathematical Control and Related Fields {\bf 10}, 27-24, 2020.

Energy opimization in extrasolar planetary systems: the transistion from peas-in-pod to runaway growth
(with F. Adams, K.Batygin and G. Laughlin) in Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, Feb. 2020.

Some joint papers with J. Marsden may be found at Jerry Marsden

Some joint papers with N. Leonard may be found at Naomi Leonard

Research supported in part by the National Science Foundation and AFOSR

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